Cement Price in Pakistan | Rs: 1,165-1,270 | Brands & Reviews

Are you seeking information regarding the current cement price in Pakistan? Cement is an essential substance in the construction sector, and changes in its price can greatly affect the expenses of a project.Cement price in Pakistan Starting from Rs. 1,165 to 1,270 per 50kg.

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Cement Reviews

Regarding cement price patterns, some Pakistani builders and contractors have offered conflicting opinions. While some find it difficult to forecast and budget for changing pricing, others value the competitive rates. Customer reviews highlight the commendable cost-effectiveness and durability of cement brands available in the local market.
Several customers have raised complaints over the lack of consistency in quality and difficulties related to pricing.



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Cement price in Pakistan

Cement is of most extreme significance in the domain of development materials in Pakistan. Procuring an exhaustive understanding of the advantages and disadvantages, evaluations, and properties of cement price in Pakistan empowers purchasers to go with informed decisions. Throughout the long term, the cement business in Pakistan has gone through significant cost vacillations.

The cost of cement in the still up in the air by a scope of variables, like the exchange among organic market, government strategies, and worldwide financial circumstances. An eminent trait of the cement market in Pakistan is its weakness to outer elements, for example, varieties in oil costs and the general state of the development business.

Varieties in cement evaluating can prompt unexpected ascents or falls, creating a very unstable market for the two buyers and sellers. Regardless of these difficulties, the cement business in Pakistan stays a pivotal area for the countrys  economy, driving framework improvement and setting out work open doors. By checking market drifts and staying educated about the elements that impact cement estimating, organizations and buyers might settle on informed choices in this powerful industry.

Cement brands Price in Pakistan

Cement price in Pakistan Starting from Rs. 1,165-1,270 for each 50 kg of cement brands in Pakistan like DG ,Fuji and kohat Cement etc.

Companies Price/50kg Bag
BestWay Cement Rate RS. 1,200-1,205
Maple Leaf White Cement RS. 1,850-1,900
Kohat White RS. 1,195-1,200
Pakcem Cement Rate RS. 1,200-1,205
DG Khan Cement Rate RS. 1195-1,205
Fauji Cement Rate RS. 1,190-1,200
Lucky Cement Rate RS. 1,190-1,210
Kohat Cement Rate RS. 1,195-1,200
Cherat Cement Rate RS. 1,195-1,190
Maple Leaf Cement Rate RS. 1,850-1,900
Power cement Rate RS. 1,190-1,195
Askari cement Rate RS. 1,190-1,195
Pioneer Cement Rate RS. 1,190-1,195
Paidar Cement Rate RS. 1,190-1,195
Falcon Cement Rate RS. 1,190-1,195
Flaying Pakistan Rate RS.1,170-1,195


  • Multiple grades offered to accommodate diverse construction requirements.
  • Various packaging alternatives designed for enhanced convenience and user-friendly experience.
  • Compliance with both local and international quality requirements to ensure reliability.


In conclusion, for efficient project planning and budgeting, it is critical to stay up to date on cement costs and market dynamics in Pakistan.

Various variables, including producing costs, market interest, administrative regulations, and tax collection, influence the cement price in Pakistan. the typical expense of a 50 kg bag of cement presently between Rs. 1,165-1,270 .This information is important for contractors, builders, and people starting construction projects since it allows them to plan and execute their projects more intelligently by keeping them informed about current cement pricing.


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