Diamond Price in Pakistan|Rs: 50,000- 500,000|Features & Reviews

Will you purchase a diamond in Pakistan? Investigate diamond price in Pakistan.

It is recommended that you read this information on diamond properties first.

You will discover a wealth of helpful information that aids in your ability to reason.

In fact, a precious stone has four essential characteristics: variety, carat, lucidity, and cut.

Each property affects the expense and cost of the diamond, so it’s basic to comprehend these traits and how the cost of the diamond is impacted by them.

Diamond price in Pakistan starts from PKR 50,000 to PKR 500,000/-

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Diamond costs in Pakistan could shift as per its cut, carat weight, and quality. You ought to do all necessary investigation and look at costs completely prior to purchasing anything.

Customers can breathe a sigh of relief realizing their diamonds are genuine on the off chance that they shop at reputable jewelers who offer certification services.

You might glean some significant knowledge about a provider’s client care, the simplicity of their buying interaction, and the nature of their diamonds by perusing surveys composed by earlier customers. Peruser assessments can assist Pakistani precious stone customers with maximizing their money and settle on instructed choices.

Generally speaking, prior to deciding to purchase diamonds in Pakistan, it is essential to lead research and assess expenses and quality.

Pros and Cons of Diamond

Pros and Cons of Diamond are as follows:



Innovative Design and Robust Performance

Higher Price Tag and Non-Expandable capacity

Outstanding Camera

Not Water Resistant and Lack of Wireless Charging

Long Battery Life and Plenty of Storage

Restricted Availability

DIAMOND Price in Pakistan

A diamond’s cost in Pakistan depends on its carat weight, cut, lucidity, and variety, among different variables.

In Pakistan, a diamond of one carat can get costs going from PKR 50,000 to PKR 500,000. In any case, greater carat loads and diamond of higher grade can cost a chunk of change.

Remember that diamond price in Pakistan can vary contingent upon various elements, including organic market, dealer validity, and market interest.

To guarantee you are getting a fair deal while buying a diamond in Pakistan, undertaking careful examination and look at citations from various jewelers is encouraged.



it is crucial for determining the optimum reflection of light.

A perfect cut diamond reflects light to its optimum, while deep cut and shallow cut diamonds may not show extreme brightness.

Marcel Tolkowski suggests that an ideal cut is achieved with a size to weight ratio of 6.5 mm diameter for one carat weight.


Diamonds typically fall in the D to F grade range, with colorless diamonds being the most expensive. However, there are other grades available, such as D-F, which have a stronger color tone and sparkle. Fluorescence, caused by boron trace amounts, is a factor related to color and is categorized by GIA certificate.

It is advisable to buy a diamond with blue fluorescence, as it is believed to have a positive effect.


Diamonds are formed under heat and pressure, resulting in inclusions or blemishes.

Clarity defines the degree of imperfections in a diamond, with an 11-point scale created by the Gemologist Institute of America (GIA), starting from flawless to prominent inclusions.


Diamond carat, 1/5 of a gram, is a crucial factor determining its cost. It is divided into 100 points, with a higher value for a one carat diamond.

The ideal size for a one carat diamond is 6.5-millimeter diameter, as smaller diamonds with the same weight may have lower worth.


In conclusion, various factors, including carat weight, cut, variety, and clearness, can influence the diamond price in Pakistan.

Diamonds can cost more assuming they come from reputable international brands and are in many cases more costly in urban regions.

Moreover, a main point impacting diamond Price in Pakistan is the interest for these valuable stones.

To guarantee genuineness and quality, shoppers are encouraged to direct broad examination,

look at costs from a few gem specialists, and ensure they are buying a certified diamond.

In the end, local demand, unique diamond characteristics, and worldwide market movements all affect the diamond price in Pakistan.

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