Electric Bicycle Price in Pakistan | Rs: 30,000 to 150,000| Full Phone Specifications & Reviews

Discover Electric Bicycle price in Pakistan. Is it safe to say that you are keen on buying an electric bicycle in Pakistan however dubious about the details and value scope of the accessible models? In this article, we will explore the qualities, assessments, and upsides and downsides of the different electric bicycle decisions presented in Pakistan to assist you with settling on an informed choice.
Electric Bicycle price in Pakistan start from PKR 30,000 to PKR 150,000/- also In Pakistan Electric Bicycle is available in used condition for Rs. 49,999/-

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Electric Bicycles in Pakistan Reviews

Electric Bicycle Price in Pakistan offers various brands for the offer of electric bicycles, including Jolta, Moveo, and Crussis. To take care of an extensive variety of purchaser inclinations, these bicycles are accessible in different plans and cost ranges. Client surveys propose that Jolta electric bicycles are all around respected for their unwavering quality and excellent presentation. Moveo electric bicycles are likewise profoundly respected for their strong engine and smooth styling, which join to give a smooth ride much over rough territory.


Electric bikes, or e-bicycles, are acquiring ubiquity in Pakistan since they are harmless to the ecosystem and give a financially savvy method for versatility. These bicycles are equipped with a battery-worked electric engine that helps the cyclist in accelerating, working with movement over significant distances or testing uphill landscape.


  • Eco-friendly means of transportation
  • An affordable substitute for vehicles that run on gasoline
  • Simple to handle in places with heavy traffic
  • Encourages a more active and healthful lifestyle
  • Less upkeep than bicycles that are more traditional


  • Limited range because of the size of the battery
  • The cost of the first investment may be substantial.
  • Heavier than conventional bicycles; long-distance travel requires a charging infrastructure
  • Limited access to electric component repair services

Features of Electric Bicycles

When searching to buy an electric bike, it is fundamental to focus on these features to give a lovely and proficient riding experience.

  • Device that aids in pedaling
  • Battery power an electric motor
  • Options for different riding modes, including turbo, sport, and eco
  • You can see the distance, battery life, and speed on an LCD monitor.
  • Compact and lightweight for easy transportation
  • Lights built right in for nighttime riding safety

Electric bicycles Price in Pakistan

Electric bicycle Price in Pakistan changes in light of the brand, style, and conveniences gave. The standard cost range for an electric bicycle are regularly between PKR 30,000 and PKR 150,000, with top of the line models coming to up to PKR 300,000. While surveying the cost range, it is urgent to inspect the highlights presented by each model to guarantee that you are getting a fair profit from your speculation. Before pursuing a purchasing choice, it is prudent to assess the evaluating and includes presented by different organizations.


In conclusion, Electric bicycles are a reasonable and functional method for transportation in Pakistan, offering a scope of answers for take special care of different requirements and tastes. By considering the qualities, assessments, and benefits and disservices outlined in this article, you can pursue a very much educated choice while gaining an electric bicycle. You can searching Electric Bicycle Price in Pakistan online at online websites.

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