Electric Stove Price in Pakistan| Rs: 15K to 80K| Features & Reviews

Are you trying to find an Electric stove price in Pakistan? The brand, size, and features of electric stoves can influence their estimating in Pakistan.

A nice grade electric stoves ought to cost you between PKR 10,000 and PKR 80,000 by and large. In any case, very good quality ones with state-of-the-art Features could run you up to PKR 100,000.

To find the best arrangement that addresses your issues and financial plan, it is encouraged to think about costs presented by different online stores and shippers.

While making a buy, make a point to consider extra viewpoints including customer assessments, energy proficiency, and guarantees.

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Electric Stove Reviews

In Pakistan, electric stoves are effectively open and give productivity and accommodation in the kitchen. The brand, size, and features of electric stoves can influence their estimating in Pakistan.

It’s vital to take strength, cooking performance, and energy productivity into account while looking for an electric oven.

Electric stoves are a fabulous expansion to any kitchen since they cook food rapidly and equally, as per numerous customers.

While some have underscored the security features, such the youngster lock and programmed shut-off, others have acclaimed that it is so easy to clean and keep up with.

Electric stoves are much of the time viewed as a helpful and pragmatic device for normal cooking needs. It is encouraged to contact close by apparatus stores or online traders in Pakistan for exact estimating subtleties and careful item surveys.



Energy-efficient, which over time may result in financial savings.

Since it needs electricity to function, it might not be appropriate during blackouts.

Not as complicated to maintain and clean as conventional gas stoves.

An electric stove could initially cost more to buy than a gas stove.

Distributes heat evenly and consistently during cooking.

Fewer choices for controlling temperature than gas stoves.

Safer to use because there's no chance of open flames or gas leakage.


Electric Stove Price in Pakistan

The brand, model, and features of an electric stove can influence its cost in Pakistan. By and large, electric ovens range in cost from PKR 15,000 to PKR 80,000.

Then again, more refined models with additional features like convection broilers, electronic controls, and various burners can cost up to PKR 100,000.

While picking an electric oven, it’s urgent to take your cooking prerequisites, monetary circumstance, and accessible kitchen space into account.

Various determinations are accessible from true brand areas all through Pakistan, online commercial centers, and neighborhood apparatus stores.


Electric stove Price in Pakistan might differ based on its size, brand, and features.

While contrasting electric stoves, a few normal qualities to check for are as per the following:

Electric stoves can have two, three, or four burners, which allows you to cook a few dishes without a moment’s delay.

Heat settings

For precise temperature control, search for ovens that have portable intensity settings.
Safety features: To avoid mishaps, take into consideration stoves with safety features like kid locks and auto shut-off.

Simple to clean

For easy cleaning, choose stoves with smooth surfaces and detachable components.

Energy efficiency

To assist reduce electricity costs, look for stoves that use less energy.
Make sure to take these qualities into account when comparing electric stove price in Pakistan in order to identify the ideal choice for your cooking requirements and price range.


In conclusion, the brand, size, and features that are accessible can influence electric stove price in Pakistan.

Electric stove Price in Pakistan could change from PKR 15,000 to PKR 80,000, dependent upon the model and traits.

While picking a get, it’s essential to take viewpoints like assurance consideration, durability, and energy efficiency into account.

Moreover, you could make a good choice by differentiating costs and examining other customers evaluations.

Getting a nice electric stove will deal with your cooking and make your kitchen routine more supportive.

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