Gaming Pc Price in Pakistan| Rs: 1,00000-3,00000| Features & Reviews

Are you trying to get know about best gaming PC price in Pakistan? The expense of gaming computers changes in light of the makers and attributes.

Very good quality gaming computers in Pakistan can cost up to PKR 300,000, while mid-range gaming pc ordinarily cost PKR 100,000.

The processor, designs card, RAM, storage, and brand are just a some of instances of the parts that could influence the last expense.

Finding the greatest offer that satisfies your wants for gaming and your budget requires comparing rates offered by various merchants and online retailers.

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Gaming Pc Reviews

The quick processor and powerful graphics card provide a fluid and engaging gaming experience. Excellent construction quality is maintained by the use of premium parts that guarantee dependable operation.

Pc is enhanced with a dynamic gaming setup that looks fantastic thanks to the RGB lighting.

All things considered; this gaming PC is a beast that can easily handle the newest games.

During long gaming sessions, the cooling system regulates the temperature to avoid overheating. To anyone searching for a robust, dependable system that offers excellent gaming performance.



A large selection of choices to suit various budgets.

High-end components are scarce in some places.

Simple access to national and worldwide brands.

Price variations brought on by exchange rates
Between suppliers, warranties and after-sales care may differ.

Competitive costs in contrast to other nations
Ability to customize according to individual preferences.

Restricted alternatives for payment plans or funding

Dedicated gaming shops and online marketplaces for easy shopping.


Gaming Pc Price in Pakistan

Depending on the manufacturer and configuration, gaming PC Price in Pakistan can change.

A mid-range gaming PC with a decent processor, illustrations card, and RAM can frequently be bought for between PKR 1,00000 and PKR 200,000.

You ought to financial plan basically PKR 300,000 for a very good quality gaming PC with the most ideal parts that anyone could hope to find.

To find the best arrangement, it’s basic to get your work done and analyze costs from different retailers and online traders.

Moreover, it is basic to consider perspectives, for example, guarantee, customer service, and post-purchase assistance help while making a gaming PC purchase in Pakistan.


Vigorous Processor

Equipped with the latest Intel Center i7 processor for lightning-quick activity.

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 is a superior Performance designs card that offers liquid ongoing interaction and stunning visuals.

A lot of Memory and Capacity

A 1TB SSD and 16GB RAM offer a lot of space for performing various tasks and gaming.

RGB lights

You might modify the RGB lights to make your gaming setting special.

Cooling system

Powerful cooling system that holds players back from overheating during delayed game meetings. With these attributes, gaming PC will raise your gaming encounters and gives incredible incentive for the money.


In summary, the expense of a gaming PC in Pakistan can vary in view of the brands and specs you select. You could need to spend basically PKR 300,000 on a top-of-the-line gaming PC with the most up to date equipment and state of the art innovation.

To ensure you get the best incentive for your cash, it is vital to evaluate your gaming prerequisites and monetary cutoff points prior to making a buy cautiously.

To get a good deal on your gaming PC buy, likewise look out for advancements, limits, and unique offers made by various vendors.

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