Sauvage Dior price in Pakistan|Rs.39,599 |Specifications & Reviews

Are you trying to find out how much Sauvage Dior price in Pakistan? The size of the bottle and the particular store can affect Sauvage Dior’s price.

Sauvage Dior is available in Pakistan in a number of department stores, internet merchants, and cosmetic shops.

For the most recent details on Sauvage Dior prices in Pakistan, it is advised to check with nearby merchants or online.

Sauvage Dior price in Pakistan is Rs.39,599/- for 100ml bottle.

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Sauvage Dior Reviews

Stylish and endearing,
The center notes of lavender and geranium loan a dash of refinement, while the initial notes of bergamot and pepper are invigorating and new.

The Fragnance has lavishness and profundity on account of the base notes of patchouli and cedarwood. In light of everything, Sauvage is a scent that functions admirably for any setting.

It is a superb choice for people looking for a fragrance that waits for quite a while on the grounds that to its exceptional length and sillage.

Dior’s Sauvage is an in vogue, masculine fragrance that makes certain to assist you with sticking out on the off chance that you’re searching for one.



Innovative Design and Robust Performance

Higher Price Tag and Non-Expandable capacity

Outstanding Camera

Not Water Resistant and Lack of Wireless Charging

Long Battery Life and Plenty of Storage

Restricted Availability

Sauvage Dior price in Pakistan

The merchant and bottle size affect the expense of Sauvage Dior aroma in Pakistan.

It is encouraged to check with approved Dior retailers or online stores in Pakistan to guarantee an exact value and to acquire the best deal.

Scent epicureans frequently pick the exemplary Sauvage fragnance on account of its modern yet new fragrance.


  • Men can use the scent Sauvage Dior.
  • Possesses a combination of woody, fresh, and spicy flavors.
  • Pepper and bergamot are among the top notes.
  • The focal points of the fragrance are geranium, lavender, and elemi.
  • On the base, you’ll find cedarwood, patchouli, and vetiver.
  • Stylish bottle with a magnetic cap holds a powerful, long-lasting scent that is perfect for everyday usage.
  • Symbolizes a ferocious, manly character.


In conclusion, Sauvage Dior price in Pakistan in light of the specific thing and dealer. To ensure you are getting the best deal, contrasting valuing from a few sources is essential.

While making your buy, remember to consider viewpoints like client criticism, authenticity, and quality. To guarantee you have a smart thought of the last expense, remember to represent any extra costs like charges or transportation.

Appreciate finding your ideal Sauvage Dior price in Pakistan!

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