Hair Dryer Price in Pakistan| Rs: 4K-35K| Features & Reviews

Do you want to know what the newest Hair Dryer Price in Pakistan?

To accommodate your financial plan, different choices are presented at different cost ranges.

There are numerous choices to consider, no matter what your requirements and inclinations — from a passage level model to a very good quality expert hair dryer.

Prior to making a buy, look at web and neighborhood organizations to analyze features and costs. You can get salon-quality outcomes in the solace of your own home with the proper hair dryer.

Hair Dryer Price in Pakistan starts from 4,000 to 35,000/-

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Hair Dryer Reviews

Contingent upon the brand, features, and quality, hair dryers can be bought for various sums in Pakistan.

Fundamental machines can be bought for as little as Rs. 4000, while proficient grade dryers can cost up to Rs. at least 35,000.

A hair dryer’s wattage, heat settings, cool shot button, and frill like diffusers and concentrators ought to be generally considered while shopping.

Prior to making a buy, you might more deeply study a hair dryer’s performance, life span, and generally speaking worth by understanding surveys.

To decide how well the hair dryer performs, how long it endures, and whether the expense is legitimate, search for audits from confirmed customers.

To pick the best hair dryer for you, gauge your choices as indicated by your necessities and spending plan.



Reasonably priced, appropriate for a variety of budgets.
Fast drying time, perfect for hectic mornings

Less expensive dryers could have fewer features or settings, and certain inexpensive machines. 

Includes a variety of attachments for many styling possibilities.

Might not be as strong or long-lasting.Limited warranty choices for hair dryers at cheaper prices.

Easily transportable and lightweight, with many heat and speed settings for personalized styling.

When operating, it can be loud and could bother other people.

Fast drying time, perfect for hectic mornings.

Models with higher wattages could use more electricity.

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Hair Dryer price in Pakistan vary  based on the type, brand, and features.

A basic hair dryer typically costs between PKR 4,000 and PKR 15,000.

However, prices can go up to PKR 35,000 or more for more sophisticated devices with extra settings including different heat and speed options, diffusers, and concentrators.

Due to their reputation and superior technology, well-known manufacturers like Philips, Panasonic, Remington, and Babyliss may have higher price tags.


Several typical characteristics to consider while evaluating a hair dryer price in Pakistan are as follows:

Multiple Heat settings

You can change the temperature of your hair drier as indicated by your favored style and sort of hair.

Ionic innovation

Ionic hair dryers give smoother, more sparkling hair by lessening frizz and static.

Attachments for diffusers and concentrators

These tools let you employ different hair drying and style methods, such adding volume or producing curls.

Cool shot button

A cool shot button gives your hair shine and helps hold your hairstyle in place.

Lightweight and Ergonomic design

Hair dryers including an ergonomic and lightweight plan are more agreeable to utilize and work for expanded timeframes.

You might track down the expense of a hair dryer in Pakistan that meets your requirements and spending plan by considering these Features.


In conclusion, the brand, Features, and quality all influence how much a hair dryer price in Pakistan.

Then again, premium renditions from notable organizations or with state-of-the-art innovation might cost between PKR 4000 and PKR 35000.

To ensure that you get the best incentive for your cash, it is vital to consider your necessities and financial plan while choosing a hair dryer.

There are numerous conceivable outcomes accessible on web buying destinations and in neighborhood gadgets stores, simplifying it to find a hair dryer in Pakistan that meets your inclinations and cost range.

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