Guitar Price in Pakistan| Rs: 17K -2lacs| Features & Reviews 

Is it safe to say that you are attempting to track down the Guitar Price in Pakistan?

Knowing the going rates in the market can help you, paying little mind to encounter level, settle on an educated decision prior to focusing on a buy.

Glance through different internet based commercial centers, music stores, or nearby characterized promotions to assess costs and distinguish the best deal that addresses your issues and spending plan. Remember to consider components that could influence the cost, like the brand, model, condition (new or utilized), and any additional frill or features.

You can find a guitar that suits your melodic preferences as well as your financial plan with just enough steadiness and examination.

Guitar Price in Pakistan starts from Rs.16,ooo to 2,00000/-

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Options that are affordable for both novices and experts.

Fewer alternatives for expensive or high-quality instruments.

A huge determination of models and brands.

Certain low-cost guitars might not meet international standards for quality.

Extraordinary limits and offers are accessible at neighborhood music organizations.

Limited availability of guitar models that are niche or specialized.

Simple access to picks, cases, and other accessories like strings.

Depending on the store and location, prices may change.

Both electric and acoustic guitars are accessible.

Certain brands offer limited warranties or post-purchase assistance.

Guitar Price in Pakistan

The brand, quality, and sort of a guitar can all influence its cost in Pakistan the guitar is a flexible and famous instrument that is broadly utilized in different types of music, from rock and pop to old style and jazz.

It ordinarily has six strings, despite the fact that there are varieties with additional strings. The guitar is created by culling or playing the strings, which then, at that point, reverberate through the body of the instrument.

Guitars can be acoustic, electric, or traditional, each with its own one-of-a-kind sound and playing style. Acoustic guitars have a warm and normal tone, while electric guitars can deliver a great many sounds utilizing intensifiers and impacts pedals.

Traditional guitars are famous in old style and flamenco music and have nylon strings that produce a smooth and rich tone.

Figuring out how to play the guitar can be a compensating experience, whether you are a novice or an accomplished performer.

With commitment and practice, you can dominate harmonies, scales, and procedures to make lovely music on this notable instrument.

Best Guitar in Pakistan with Prices

S# Product Name Price
1. Yamaha Music Electric Guitar ERG121 GPII Rs 118999
2. Monterey Electric-Acoustic Guitar MEA-17BK Rs 55000
3. Yamaha Music Acoustic Guitar F310 Rs 51999
4. Epiphone Les Paul Modern Solidbody Electric Guitar Rs 266499
5. Taylor Baby BT1e Walnut Acoustic-Electric Guitar Rs 204999
6. IRIN ST-6 Electric Guitar Rs 25000
7. Yamaha Music Electric Guitar REVSTAR Series RS320 Rs 130899
8. Hi Volts Superstrat SS20 Rs 58500
9. Kapok KG-2DT Electric Guitar Rs 27500
10. Hi Volts AS08T Acoustic Student Guitars Rs 16500


Pakistani guitars accompany a plenty of qualities to suit different requests and tastes.

The sort of wood utilized for the body and fretboard, the brand’s standing, the nature of equipment like tuning stakes and pickups, the sort of strings, the guitar’s plan and finish, and any additional extras remembered for the bundle are a few normal features to pay special attention to while assessing the cost of a guitar in Pakistan.

Remember that these characteristics can have a big influence on how much a guitar price in Pakistan. The tone and playing experience of premium guitars are typically enhanced by using superior materials and components.


In conclusion, How much a guitar price in Pakistan could depend on factors like brand, quality, and attention to detail.

Customers should consider their budget before purchasing.

Besides, glancing through both on the web and actual retailers can help with finding the best proposal on a guitar that suits one’s necessities and tastes.

As a rule, Pakistan’s guitar market gives an expansive determination of instruments at reasonable expenses to suit various financial plans and expertise levels of entertainers.

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